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Hand Therapy

What is a Certified Hand Therapist?
In order to become a Certified Hand Therapist an Occupational or Physical Therapist must be registered or licensed to practice in their field for five years and have at least two years full-time hand therapy experience. The board certification examination is an internationally recognized exam, which comprehensively tests knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, pathology, surgical approaches and therapy treatment of the upper extremity. In order to maintain the status of Certified Hand Therapist each individual must re-certify every five years.

Diagnoses we treat:
Selective Rehab. is experienced and equipped to treat a wide variety of upper extremity diagnoses including those that require conservative, pre-operative and post-operative and post-traumatic management. We specialize in the treatment of:

  • All upper extremity fractures

  • Tendon lacerations with a focus on early mobilization in order to prevent function-limiting adhesions

  • Nerve injuries including compressions, lacerations and plexus injury

  • Compression syndromes including carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel syndromes etc, both conservative and post-operative

  • Upper extremity pain syndromes including thoracic outlet syndrome

  • Cumulative trauma disorder – utilizing a holistic and thorough approach

  • Elbow pathologies – pre and post-op management

  • Shoulder pathologies – pre and post-op management

  • Arthritic conditions – pre and post-operative

  • Edema and carpal tunnel symptoms in pregnant women

  • Post-Partum tendonitis

In addition we offer:

  • Custom splinting including static, dynamic and static progressive

  • Thorough review of ergonomic issues to address upper extremity complaints which often lead to pain and time off work



  • Standardized testing and reporting for Work Comp clients


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